LeGuard for Better Legal Billing Management


In today’s competitive legal market, law firms must retain profitable clients and offer distinctive advantages to prospective ones. LeGuard facilitates both!


  • Limited, after-the-fact visibility into activities and budget consumption
  • Stressful, awkward billing negotiations with clients
  • Need to write-off hours in excess of budget/client expectations
  • Administrative burden of keeping all clients up-to-date


  • Ability to impact time/activities for more efficient, profitable work
  • Objective data for fewer non-billable/discounted/written-off hours
  • Automatic budget updates/alerts for Clients and Responsible Lawyers
  • LIVE visibility for up-to-the-moment time/activity tracking
  • More transparancy = stronger relationship with clients

LeGuard Eliminates Billing Discrepancies and Reduces Write-Offs


With LeGuard, Responsible Lawyers (i.e., lawyers managing client matters) have LIVE visibility into their teams’ spend and activities so they can track each authorized biller’s workload, activities and billing amount – anytime, anywhere. With this visibility, for the first time, they can manage and engage their teams for the most effective work possible.



Note: Authorized billers can include people within the law firm (attorneys, paralegals, etc.) and outside the firm (expert witnesses, eDiscovery personnel, consultants and others) designated to work on a matter.


With data that is identical to what the clients see, law firms have transparent and verifiable back-up for their invoices at the end of the billing cycle – thus eliminating billing discrepancies and reducing the need to write off hours. And LeGuard is always keeping you and your clients up to date on spend and activities without any administrative time on either part.

LeGuard offers numerous advantages for law firms!


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Finally, LeGuard Gives Law Firms a Competitive Edge


LeGuard helps law firms build and strengthen their relationships with their clients by keeping them constantly apprised of work being done on their behalf and by eliminating stressful invoice discussions.


When competing for work, LeGuard offers firms a huge differentiator that benefits clients as well as themselves.

Let LeGuard Revolutionize Your Legal Billing Management