LeGuard for Better Legal Spend Management


LeGuard® is the first management tool to provide clients with LIVE visibility into their outside counsel’s legal spend for more accurate accrual, budgeting and forecasting.


  • Limited visibility into legal spend
  • Inability to assess/project expenditures on demand
  • Inability to impact budget and work-in-progress
  • Surprise invoices and stressful negotiations
  • Time-consuming bill review process


  • LIVE visibility into spend and work-in-progress
  • More transparency and work/budget alerts = less stress
  • Ability to impact activity can reduce legal spend 10-22%
  • Streamlined bill review process
  • Objective data for bill review and better forecasting

The LeGuard® dashboard provides 100% accurate accrual in a flash!


With LIVE visibility into their outside counsels’ time/activities, corporate and government legal departments have up-to-the-minute data upon which to base strategic and budgetary decisions.  Additional benefits include:

  • Dramatically streamlined  invoice review processes;
  • Greater awareness of spend throughout the billing cycle;
  • More accurate budgeting and forecasting capability;
  • Reduced end-of-the-billing-period surprises; and
  • Enhanced transparency, communication and relationships with outside counsel.




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LeGuard helps reduce legal spend by up to 22%.


LIVE visibility into activities and spend has the added benefit of inspiring and reducing savings by:

  • Minimizing manpower and costs related to time-consuming accrual, WIP processes, invoice reviews and negotiations;
  • Improving accrual data for more efficient forecasting;
  • Enabling activities to be redirected BEFORE  additional time accrues;
  • Allowing budgetary decisions to be made based on up-to-the-moment data; and
  • Promoting greater oversight (known as the “Hawthorne Effect” in which individuals modify their behavior when observed).

LeGuard Keeps Clients and their Outside Counsel Informed and Aligned


Instant and accurate access to spend/activity improves communication, eliminates billing stressors and helps strengthen relationships between General Counsels and law firms. For the first time, clients and their responsible lawyers at outside counsel can see activity as it is occurring and impact it if/when necessary.

Let LeGuard Revolutionize Your Legal Spend Management