LeGuard for Efficient Legal Time Tracking Software


LeGuard helps attorneys increase their productivity by easily and accurately recording their time and activities as they accrue.


  • Time-consuming data entry process
  • Difficulty recalling time/activities accurately
  • Disruptive ad hoc and pre-billing accrual information requests


  • Simple, quick and convenient time/activities entry – all in one place
  • More time/better time management
  • Always up-to-date time/activities (no more fire drills).

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LeGuard Eliminates Time-Consuming and Retroactive Time/Activity Tracking


  • No more filling out onerous time sheets.
  • No more reconstructing activities from days or weeks before.
  • No more scrambling to respond to client accrual, budget, WIP and invoicing inquiries.
With LeGuard, entering time and activities is as easy as 1-2-3:



Designate the client, matter and task on a computer, tablet or phone — any time, anywhere.




Click the “Start” button to begin tracking




Click the “Stop” button to end tracking

LeGuard Keeps Responsible Lawyers Aware of Their Teams’ Workloads and Budgets


At any time, Responsible Lawyers can assess how much time their teams are spending on cases, whether they are operating efficiently, and how much more support or resources they may need. Plus, they can better manage and impact activity as it is occurring rather than after the fact. 


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LeGuard Improves Communication with Clients


Like any relationship, communication is key to a strong one.  LeGuard, through its Dashboard and alerts, is constantly communicating objective and actionable data that is important to both clients and outside counsel.

Let LeGuard Revolutionize Your Legal Billing Management