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The national coordinating litigation counsel and manager of outside litigation for one of the country’s largest developers of medical facilities, with hundreds of locations throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K., selects and oversees outside counsel who litigate approximately 100 cases per month. Since early 2015, this counsel has been a LeGuard client, and to date, ten of the law firms the company retains, including national firms, are enrolled in LeGuard’s live time tracking system.

“We knew there would be an initial amount of pushback to LeGuard – as there always is to any kind of change, regardless of its benefits,” she says. “But there have been no complaints and I think everyone understands and has come to see the value of live time tracking.”

The company has definitely benefitted from LeGuard, she says. Legal spend has been reduced by up to 22% some months and there have been far fewer billing discrepancies between the company and its outside counsel.

Legal Spend has been reduced by up to0%

For the counsel and her staff, the value of LeGuard goes beyond savings in legal spend; it also saves them and their outside counsel untold hours managing budgets, reviewing bills and negotiating payments.

“In the past, when a case went over budget, I had to spend a lot of time trying to recall activities, comparing my memory with the law firms’ to reconcile their invoices. Now, I can see if a case is getting top-heavy or how much we’re spending on a particular matter instantly, as the time is being accrued. That makes the reviewing process at the end of the month a lot faster and more accurate.”

Also, she especially likes being notified when a lawyer is working on a matter for the company so her in-house counsel can contact him or her if necessary and update them with the latest information on the matter.

“Rather than me calling unexpectedly and the attorneys having to drop what they’re doing, dig out notes or look up the status of something, their minds are already on my matters when I call, so it’s more efficient and collaborative for all of us.”

The attorney would eventually like to adopt LeGuard internally in the company’s organization to help improve their budget forecasting and maximize their team’s utilization. But she has already seen improved internal efficiencies at outside counsel as a result of their use of LeGuard.

“We’ve already had one firm on LeGuard promote its benefits to us when they competed for more business. They realize that it’s a good tool for keeping current clients happy, as well as for competing for new clients.”

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